Why Dr. B, DC?

After A Car Accident, you need to contact a Doctor 1st! Dr. B, DC "The Accident Doctor" he can provide you the proper medical documentation you need for your personal injury case, car accident or Workers Compensation.

Our emphasis is on treating you, with respect and compassion. We provide you with the latest in state-of-the-art technology available for more accurate diagnostics and more effective treatments to get you on the path to healing and back to work, recreation, and your normal day-to-day life free of pain and limitations.

Each person is different and our customized approach is tailored to your individual needs which allows us to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle and physicality. We use state-of-the-art tools to identify your issues easily and effectively. Our Health specialists are committed to help you make changes in your life and health care.

For the last two decades, Dr. B "The Accident Doctor" has diagnosed, treated, and healed thousands of patients in Texas recovering from Auto Accidents and Work Injury. We use a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to help get our patients back on their feet and improve their quality of life.

We have experience in resolving the following issues:


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